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Labourman Consultants is a labour risk management consultancy that specialises in industrial relations and provides the management of client companies with a professional labour legal service and extensive daily advice on every aspect of labour law and industrial relations in all industries and bargaining units.

We focus on labour law and the protection of your company.

LabourMan is committed to fast and efficient service; to maintain a professional standard of legal and labour mediation services; to impart knowledge and assistance and to make labour law affordable and accessible to its clients in a pro-active problem solving manner.

LabourMan renders a high quality legal and labour service through its professional legal attorneys and consultants in order to achieve the following objectives:
To inform, educate and advise clients on how to enforce and protect their legal and labour rights;

  • To solve disputes through pro-active resolution;
  • To maintain a professional standard of legal and labour services by utilising the services of experienced and qualified advocates , labour attorneys and consultants;
  • To be committed to prompt service and client care;
  • To act as part-time "in-house" legal and labour advisors for clients;
  • To keep clients up to date with developments in the labour field;

Benefits to Clients

  • Free once off training of all managers and supervisors in the introduction to the disciplinary procedure
  • Individualised contracts of employment and policy documents (restraint of trade, confidentiality, AIDS policies, conduct policies etc.)
  • Comprehensive employer's Labour Manual (policies, disciplinary codes and pro forma documentation etc)
  • Free telephonic advice
  • Unlimited consultation with any of our attorneys/consultants
  • Representation of clients at CCMA and/or Bargaining Council conciliations and arbitrations hearings (MIBCO, MEIBC, etc.)
  • Take-over of all pending CCMA or Bargaining Council cases as well as any outstanding council or department of labour claims.
  • Conducting and/or chairing of disciplinary hearings on your premises
  • Assistance and advice with project managed retrenchments
  • Conducting of negotiations with unions on behalf of employers
  • Strike management and urgent Labour Court interdicts
  • Compiling of condonation and rescission applications
  • Applying for exemption from bargaining council agreements

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